Mohammad Asim

Meet Mohammad Asim

Sales Executive

My understanding of the term “REAL ESTATE”:

Real Estate is all about knowledge and in-depth analysis of the current market. However it is more important to have the exact idea of where the market is going to lead in near future but it is more important, how reliable the market is going to be in the long run. As it is real money which is at stake in the form of investment.

Investing in good faith can lead to a disaster whereas making an investment with detailed study of the current environment along with a reliable forecast may result in a long term money making process.

Key Skills & Expertise:

  • High-Volume, High-Dollar Negotiations
  • Strategic/Tactical Planning
  • Analytical and Financial Skills
  • Statistical Modeling and ROI Analyses
  • Current Market Research
  • In-depth Study of U.A.E. Laws & Regulations

Above all that, what I have learnt through-out my carrier, from a perspective of an investor and a realtor, Real Estate is a business which is truly based upon integrity, honesty and transparency.

Office: +971 4 395 7550

Mobile: +971 52 902 3343

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